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Tips For First Time Home Sellers

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First Time Home Sellers

You’ve already gone through the process of buying your first home and have made your memories. Now, it’s time to sell your first home, which is a whole new experience. Here are some important things to consider when getting started.

Be Ready To Sell
Before listing your home, be sure the house is in good condition and set realistic goals for the price and time it may take. If not, the listing might just sit there and the number of days on market can increase, which is not a good sign.

Find the Right Agent
Selling your first home is a process you may not be familiar with. Finding the right agent to work with you is important. You’ll need to then sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent and their brokerage firm. When you were buying, you could stop looking whenever you wanted. However with selling a house, you need to be consistent and having the right agent can help with this.

The Agent Matters More Than The Brokerage
Don’t pick an agent based on the brokerage for whom they work, although having both a great agent and reputable firm is a plus. The only person you will see during your home selling process is your agent. If the agent is someone you trust and has proven to be successful, you can be confident he or she is the right choice to get the job done. Of course, if you don’t know any real estate agents, it does not hurt to start by looking at brokerages that are aligned with the type of house you are selling and ones that specialize in your neighborhood.

The Number of Days On Market Matter
When you were buying your first home, what did you always notice? The price, size, photos, & history (in other words, number of days on market). The longer a house is on the market, the more potential buyers think something is wrong with it. Do you best to sell as quickly as possible and therefore, set a realistic selling price.

Move Quickly on Offers
You’ve got an offer and signed off on it. Congratulations! Now the clock is ticking. Have a plan about where you’ll move after closing. If you need to sell prior to buying, then you must have plan (where you would like to go) and make sure your home has a contract on it before you buy another.

Follow these important tips if this is your first time selling home. At Bergen Hudson Gold Coast Real Estate, we are the local real estate partners you can trust to guide you through this process.

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